DocuSign and Croke Park – 08.09.2022

When DocuSign first began generating revenue in 2005, the e-signature market was very much a blue ocean. It was because DocuSign was the first in the business that they managed to establish such a strong foothold and acquire various companies that have expanded the suite of tools they offer in the general digital agreement space. Currently, DocuSign is so much in the lead that they control ~70% of the market, although Míheál mentioned that that was under threat.

As for today, the digital agreements market is probably far less potently blue, with much more of a red tint than 15 years ago. That said, the company’s pre-established dominance keeps them beyond the reaches of competitors, specifically ones who can not accommodate varying international regulations.

The rationale for locating the EMEA base in Dublin is much the same as it has been for other companies. Ireland is the only English-speaking nation in the Eurozone, the corporate taxes are significantly lower, and the time zones are as close to the middle between the far reaches of the EMEA and North America as possible.

A commercial opportunity for Croke Park is likely the rise in social media-driven content consumption. Should the Park determine how to capitalize on that trend, they will likely do well for themselves.

A challenge for Croke Park, by the same token, is that, because people can view content digitally, they have less reason to pay for in-person tickets. The stadium must either redirect its corporate focus or figure out how to keep customers engaged in coming live.