DocuSign and Croke Park- 8/9/22

In preparation for the Docusign site visit, the market for digital signature technology is a blue ocean. The other digital signature platforms are not as popular or innovative as Docusign has been since their inception and success since covid. DocuSign has also acquired many companies whose services fit their goals, including software that can pick out certain parts of a legal agreement. These added services add appeal to the package that Docusign is able to sell to businesses. While many other companies have joined the e-signature market, DocuSign was the first to gain popularity and traction. The rationale for Docusign having its EMEA headquarters in Dublin is similar to all of the major U.S. tech companies in the Docklands. Europe, the Middle East, and Africa operate in a similar time zone, so arranging meetings and working across countries is easier. Dublin also has low corporate tax rates, so businesses are able to save more money. Furthermore, English is the prominent language in Ireland and Ireland is still a part of the European Union.  

One Commercial Opportunity for Croke Park is they could use social media to try and incentivize American performers to perform at Croke Park. Croke Park is one of Europe’s biggest stadiums, which could create a lot of revenue for the Park. All throughout the street, music from the United States is playing on speakers, and the Irish talk about these artists. Bringing more of these artists to the Park would attract many fans. 

One Commercial Challenge for Croke Park is the outreach of the GAA. Given the GAA is an amateur league, people may not hear about the league internationally. Croke park must be able to utilize social media to bring more attention to the GAA, even though it is an amateur league.