Thinkhouse Visit- 8/10/22


As I prepare for the Thinkhouse site visit, my overall opinion on the website is that it is easy to follow and is very modern to appeal to young people. Thinkhouse knows its audience is youth culture and tailors its services, ads, website, and marketing plans around this youth culture. The website shows young people having fun at clubs and concerts but also shows young people fighting for more diversity/inclusion as well as sustainability. This truly encapsulates the younger generation’s mission, and Thinkhouse implements this well. Thinkhouses’ work with The Global Student Accommodation Brand- Yugo is inspiring from a campaign perspective. The GSA has been around for 30 years and focuses on student accommodation services in the U.S, Ireland, the U.K., and Asia. The Yugo Brand is an “umbrella” amongst the GSA student accommodation companies. In its development, the leadership, marketing team, and sustainability team helped to control the implementation of the “creative comms.” Due to these communication services, 100 student spaces worldwide have helped many students. 

From a business development perspective, Thinkhouse can target and determine the business they work with based on their mission to planet sustainability and the importance of diversity and equity. If a company does not fit Thinkhouses’ mission, they do not have to do business with them. The Thinkhouse goals are clear, and businesses know what they are getting from them. DoOrder should make its goals more straightforward regarding a social mission. They have repeatedly gone back and forth between wanting to promote Irish and women-founded businesses but then say they do not want to promote this. By stating this on the website, retailers will know DoOrders’ mission.