Blog Post – Thinkhouse

Thinkhouse was such an interesting agency that utilized some strategies that I have never seen before. They pride themselves in being “young” and “futuristic” in their approach and after watching some of their advertisements, their approach was clearly seen through their unconventional ads that had some really creative attributes. I was surprised as to some of the profound, well-established companies that Thinkhouse has worked with. The specific details that they focused were very interesting such exactly the time of day they post, the song in the background, the actors in the ads, etc.

In terms of marketing tools that could be a best practice for DoOrder, I would say their emphasis on KPI. KPI, which stands for key performance indicator, was a term I wasn’t familiar with but was fascinated to learn more about. Often times when talking about marketing, it can become difficult to measure your success in a tangible, detailed manor. KPI can be utilized in different ways for example maybe for an instagram story you measure its success by the number of views where as for an instagram post you measure its success by the number of likes it gets. These performance indicators help to easily make conclusions about a businesses marketing choices. DoOrder would be able to put this into their own business model with their instagram and other social media efforts.