Professional and Personal Development

My professional development throughout the Haller Global Honors Fellowship program mainly consisted of gaining further knowledge on what I would like to explore throughout my college experience and my career. First, my desire to study international business has been fortified through the program. Learning to manage complex environments abroad and in the U.S is an area that I find quite interesting and a skill that many companies look for. Throughout our site visits, I found that many professionals mentioned how individuals with abroad industry experience are given a second glance. Additionally, I have also become more interested in pursuing marketing throughout the program and consulting project. I found that mixing creativity with marketing is something that suits my personal skills well. Our site visit to Thinkhouse put this idea in perspective for me. Thinkhouse’s international reach and advertising for companies was something I felt extremely inspired and motivated by. Additionally, companies like Global Links are another area of international business I would be interested in.

My personal development takeaways from this program have been how to efficiently work in a group. I have found that I can take on certain roles in a group, which mainly involves generating ideas, which benefit the members without overstepping my ground. I believe the marketing team’s constructive group dynamic was mainly the reason I was able to develop my team skills so much. I have also found that there are different methods of presenting myself in professional situations. For example, with DoOrder it was much better to present myself in a friendly manner rather than a serious one.

By exploring Dublin, I have also discovered how confident I can be in my independence in new areas. Rather than being nervous about exploring cities abroad by myself, I am excited about the experiences one can only encounter as an individual by exploring new areas in a smart manner.