Navigating the Italian Work Culture

As I wrap up my second week of my internship in Florence, I have already learned a lot about the work culture in Florence. I am currently interning at 440 Industries as a Content Specialist Intern in the Marketing field. 440 Industries is an e-learning platform and blog focused on the creative industries. These industries include fashion, technology, music, and more! My weekly tasks in my internship are to analyze data in order to come up with topics that could potentially do well and get scored well on google to gain more readers. Once I am able to decide on a topic, I have to do research on the topic and write two blogs per week about these topics. 

There are many skills and strengths that are necessary for me to be successful in this industry and in the internship in general. First, I have to be a good writer and be able to articulate my research clearly and effectively. Since I am a finance major I have not had much experience with professional writing outside of my few classwork essays, so this is still a work in progress but definitely something I already see improvement in and am excited to continue to work on. Additionally, it is very important to take constructive feedback well. Since I have not had much experience in this industry, my supervisor has a lot of helpful tips and suggestions to improve my work and it is crucial to soak up as much information as I can and try my best to apply all the knowledge I gain. Finally, time management is absolutely crucial. Having an internship abroad is a lot more work than the average classes, so it is important to be able to manage your time wisely and schedule out times for you to complete your work and hit the mandatory hours. 

I have already begun to notice many differences between the professional culture here and in the US. In Italy everyone has a much more relaxed strategy. Everyone knows the work will get done when it gets done and they trust each other to accomplish their tasks in a timely manner. In the US, it is often such a rushed and work hard mentality that sometimes makes work feel overwhelming. Also, Italian professionals leave a lot of the details about a task up to interpretation, this way people are able to use their creativity to come up with different ways to complete a task, rather than everyone doing it one standard way. Overall, there are very different ways of doing professional work here and in the US and I am excited to keep learning at my internship. 

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