Life in Vienna

I am a junior here at the University of Pittsburgh studying Marketing with a certificate in International Business. I am graduating fall 2023, and have loved studying and spending my time at Pitt so far. I have always enjoyed traveling and being able to study abroad was something I knew I wanted to do.

I am currently studying in Vienna Austria, at Vienna University of Economics and Business. I am taking all classes for my major, and a few electives. I chose this program because I had known I wanted to study abroad in Europe and Vienna allowed me to take all of the classes that I wanted, while being able to do this. While here, I am taking international macroeconomics, marketing analytics, responsible consumer behavior, corporate finance, and sustainable tourism. So far so good!

In terms of the program overall, I am beyond excited to be learning in a new style,as well as a different culture and environment. I have definitely noticed some differences both on the surface level and more cultural aspects while being in a new country. For instance, public transportation here is everything. You either walk or take public transit (which is very good and easy to navigate.) The education is different as well. I have met many students who are here for their masters (nearly half.) In addition to a more equal degree balance, the semester is in a different time frame. Oct 1st- Jan 31st, is their fall semester. However within these months, students may have classes that are a week long, or only meet once every two weeks. It is very unique and there is a large range of times to choose for class. 

Lastly, the city itself is quite different from Pittsburgh. It is far more spread out and walkable. I live in the 7th district and go to university in the 2nd. Every district is pretty different but they are all beyond beautiful and easy to navigate between. Where I live is very lively and a more cultural district, while the second is where many of the universities of Vienna lie as well as cafes, restaurants and expensive shopping. Overall, I am so beyond excited to be studying in Vienna and living where I do. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time and I can not wait to explore more. 

I also plan to try and travel as much as I can!