My Life as an Intern in London

I am a marketing and data analytics intern at CREOATE, which is located in Shoreditch, London. Shoreditch is an up and coming area especially with all the startups that have moved into the area. CREOATE is a tech startup that bridges the gap between wholesalers and retailers. They aid small businesses to sell their products on a larger scale. Their website features a bunch of different brands that sell unique products and they offer many coupons 

One of the most exciting projects that I got to take on involved the virtual trade show that was being held. I got to select 200 brands from a list of over 500 applicants who wanted to be featured in the spring trade show. After doing this, I got to help create the landing page for the trade show for when it goes private. I helped make the landing page as user oriented as I could by including links and minimum order for each selected brand. 

The key skills needed to be successful in this industry are communication, team work, and dedication. I work in the marketing team and we ensure efficient communication by using slack and google meets. Additionally, all of my coworkers are super kind and welcoming. They make sure that I take my lunch breaks and that I am not getting overloaded with tasks. They also stress the importance of me taking on projects that I found interesting. I had the opportunity to create marketing emails that are sent out to over 60,000 users that are subscribed to receiving marketing emails from CREOATE. It was nice that I had full creative control over the format of the emails. One of my goals was to try to increase CTR and CRM. And I will be conducting research on why new users are not converting right away when they are being offered free trade credit. This research will aid in the future initiatives CREOATE will take on to convert users earlier on and making brands more likely to return. 

There are a lot of differences between the work culture in America and London. Also, the academic culture is also different then what it is like in America. The classes are a three hour block, which is much longer than what I am used to. However, all my professors try to make class as engaging as possible by asking questions and not filling up the slides with a lot of bullet points.


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