Classes Abroad!

Jessie Lovallo

Jessie LoVallo

Global Business Institute: Sydney

Spring 2023

Hello, it’s Jessie! I am fortunate enough to share that I have been having a wonderful academic experience here while also being able to explore the city and participate in all the fun activities this country has to offer. I am taking 12 credits, which include the classes: International Finance, International Economics, Australian Cinema, and Analyzing & Exploring the Global City. Starting with the fun class, Analyzing & Exploring the Global City is part-time in the classroom with the other time devoted to field trips. So far we have visited the Australian Museum and The Museum of Sydney. This class allows free entry into these amazing exhibits and is accompanied by my teacher, Lorna, who gives us rich information about the culture and history of each display. She also gives us space to explore the museum in the areas we are most interested in, which I appreciate so I can focus on the beautiful art made by the aboriginal people. I am also taking Australian Cinema while here. This has proved to be very beneficial for my understanding of the country’s history because we have watched two films each week that represent what it truly is to be an Australian. My teacher is a famous Australian poet and seems to have done work in every art form there is. He is very captivating and does a great job of keeping the film industry, and all of the elements that make it up, still very fascinating. I have enjoyed watching these films each week and comparing them to what I am very used to, Hollywood. The difference in production, funding and themes are significant from the United States to here. I also am taking International Finance and International Economics. I have the same teacher for these classes, and Damian might go down as one of my favorite teachers in college so far. He has the ability to make the material interesting because of his witty humor and the addition of videos to his lectures. He has given us the opportunity to speak freely about all of the differences we keep noticing between Sydney and our home cities. I have found the same key skills are important to possess in this academic environment as I am used to back home. Skills such as time management, organization, and respect have stood out to me. It is most important in this program to manage your time well since there are so many activities to be doing while also making it to class and getting homework in on time. The main difference between this academic setting and home is the titles. Australia is an egalitarian society, which means they believe that everyone is equal to one another. At Pitt, it would be disrespectful if I didn’t address my professors with the correct titles, but here my teachers are encouraging us to address them by just their first names. They also make us feel comfortable enough to speak on a friendly basis with them, which I definitely prefer. I have thoroughly enjoyed my classes so far, and I am excited to continue expanding my knowledge in an academic and social environment. Thanks for reading!

Museum of Contemporary Art
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