Skills I Have Picked Up In London

The most significant soft skill that I am developing throughout this program is communication. Being in a completely new environment on your own is no small feat. To have a successful semester working abroad and living in such close quarters with 5 other people requires solid communication. In the case of my living situation, it took a couple weeks for all of us to become comfortable with each other, but more importantly become more familiar with different living habits. Now if we notice we are running low on something, we just drop it in our group chat and someone will pick it up. Additionally, if someone is becoming annoyed with something like taking too long in the bathroom, we just bring it up to the person instead of marinating it within our own minds. I think I was really lucky in the housing placement that I received. The five girls I live with are so open minded and we all come from diverse backgrounds. I have learned a lot from them about different cultures. Some other soft skills that I am developing are time management and adaptability. It is important that I manage my time as much as possible in order to maximize my study abroad experience. I have to balance classes, work, and having fun. Also I have become more of a go with the flow kind of person because plans can rapidly change. Also since the weather here is kind of unpredictable sometimes plans have to change if it suddenly decides to rain. Luckily, it has not rained too much since I arrived, I was really concerned about the London weather. But I have been pleasantly surprised. 

I have gained various hard skills throughout my internship. One is becoming better at using Excel to perform data analysis and making pivot tables. Additionally, I have become proficient at using Hubspot to create marketing emails, build workflows, create surveys, and analyze various campaigns CREOATE has had. I also have been performing SEO work to improve engagement and interest with the promotions that the company has put out. And I have gained experience with using Google Analytics to see what products sell the best and what trends are occurring on the website. All this analytic work plays a role in determining what offers CREOATE will put out in the future and what campaigns they want to use in the future. 

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