Looking Forward to Costa Rica!

My name is Taavi Herzog. I’m a Freshman at Pitt, earning majors in Business Analytics and Finance and minors in Economics and Applied Statistics. I’m exploring working in private equity or consulting after undergrad, which entails a lot of due diligence and preparation early on. Through a variety of academic and extracurricular programs, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from so many upperclassmen. I can’t express enough how valuable the experiences and advice of those who have come before you can be.

Outside of academia, I’ve been working with the Center for Sustainable Business, and I’m set to intern with the startup Blanket and Board in Pittsburgh this summer. In addition, I’ll be conducting research on how to finance a socially-focused indoor hydroponic facility with a nonprofit called Food21. As much of a novice as I am, I’m excited to test myself and acquire plenty of new skills.

With regards to the Plus3 program, I decided I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and go somewhere I’ve never been before. Last summer, I was fortunate to be invited to participate in the Haller fellowship, on which several other students and I consulted to a startup in Dublin, Ireland. Through that experience, I realized how important it is to be uncomfortable, and to put oneself in a completely novel situation. Studying abroad is an easy way to guarantee that outcome, especially given that I’ve never been to a country below the equator. Costa Rica will definitely challenge me and, in so doing, cause me to grow.