A Final Cheers to Sydney

Jessie Lovallo

Jessie LoVallo

Global Business Institute: Sydney

Spring 2023

It’s hard to believe my time abroad has come to an end. It feels like yesterday I was feeling the pre-trip jitters, but at the same time a lifetime ago. I will forever be grateful for this incredible opportunity and will never be the same because of it. I have grown in so many ways through this experience, and am thankful for the independence and responsibility that has developed in me. Sydney taught me so much about the world. My knowledge and perspective have been deeply altered, and I am lucky enough to have had this experience at a young age. I am encouraged to travel more, learn new cultures, and am motivated to do my very best in my future endeavors. I understand a new way of life I want for myself. I am so sad to see this semester become a memory, but know it was an amazing chapter of my life that will help me navigate the next journey.

 I had the opportunity to travel to other places outside of Sydney as well. I visited Byron Bay, Queenstown, NZ, and Cairns. I met the most amazing people in Byron, fell in love with the landscapes of New Zealand, and snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns. I made the most out of every day I was abroad, and have no regrets. I couldn’t have made my experience better, it was perfect, and I am so lucky. 

As I wrap up my final blog post, I want to thank you for following along on my experiences. I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to share my thoughts about this incredible program. The semester has allowed me to overcome challenges and work on myself. Looking forward, I plan to use the lessons I gained abroad in my last year at Pitt Business and my future career. I hope to seek out more opportunities to engage with different cultures and carry an open mind in my professional global network. I have the ability to adapt to any situation and look forward to using this experience as I navigate post-graduation plans. I appreciate everything this program and my donors have given me to achieve such an amazing experience abroad. This was truly life-changing. Thank you. 

A final cheers, 

Jessie Lovallo