Hi, I’m Eli Worley and I am on the Leadership in the Himalayas study abroad trip.

I just finished my freshman year and I am still an undecided major, although I will probably try and do a computer science minor. I’m from Lancaster, Pa, and have never really been out of the country. My interests include soccer, music, being outside, and stem fields.

Why did I choose the Leadership in the Himalayas trip?

If I’m being honest it had absolutely nothing to do with the leadership aspect, and all do to with the 10 day backpacking component. I love hiking and being outdoors, and when I saw the trip, I immediately wanted to go. With that being said I am interested in the leadership aspect of the program as well, and definitely think it will be interesting and useful for whatever direction I choose to go in life. The other big reason for going on the trip is just to go outside of my comfort zone. I really wanted to go on a study abroad trip, and this one seemed like the most interesting one on offer. I’m also really looking forward to getting to experience other cultures first hand, and hopefully broaden my world view.