This blog is about the night before the 10 day trek. We packed a lot today which was quite stressful because this was different from the overnight, and I could not cost any mistake. I packed my stuff but then I found out I had to pack the tent too which would take at least 20% of my bag so I had to redo my bag. It took me at least 10 minutes to start the redo because I had to ask for so many things from other people and they were all over the place so it was annoying. I eventually finished the second time and went in to see if I could carry any of the girls’ things, but the moment I walked in the room I started getting flamed by everyone because my bag was super light. Like no shoot Sherlock (I really wish I could curse right now) I had to redo my bag because of lack of notice. I was getting la flamed by everyone and even some of the girls which was quite odd because it’s not like they were going to carry my stuff. Regardless of the annoying remarks my bag weighed in at 56 lbs! Wow! That’s close to the weight of the the squatting bar! Actually let’s get back to the annoying remarks and micro-aggressions I’ve been getting as the only asian here on this trek (plus I need more words for this blog). This could also be an eye opener for people that don’t truly understand diversity and inclusion. Throughout this trip I’ve been getting these unintelligent remarks with some people making lowly high school level asian jokes and to drawing me with squinty eyes on drawings (10 likes and I’ll cancel them). Another interesting social experiment topic that would be interesting to take notice at would be something my friend and I talked about and found a common enemy on. Both of us are pretty goofy and funny and often get the impression that we are dumb! That is entirely not the case at all! I am one of the older fellows in the group yet this young guys are treating me like I’m a dunce! I have a full on career goddammit! Anyways, this is just an observation I’ve been noticing throughout the years, but I’ve also come to tolerate these ignorant behaviors of micro-aggressions and such. I’m old enough now to realize that a few years can change you as an individual in all honesty. I am a very different person compared to who I was two years ago whether it’s for the better or for the worst.

Now to the main prompt on whether I experienced different cultural norms while abroad. Yes, I have been to many different places abroad whether it’s in Europe or all over Asia. The cultural norms here in India are vast ranging from the honking system in traffic to the direct verbal communications when it comes to feedback. Can leaders ever follow other people? Of course, being a leader does not mean dictatorship. Good leaders know when to take a step back and listen. Being a leader does not necessarily mean you are the smartest in the room. There may be times when a leader might have to bring an expert whether it’s a third party member to solve problems for them. I also believe that a leader is not someone who may be the smartest in the room, but an individual that hires smarter people and to give them the resources to succeed. A leader is someone who inspires and brings out the best colors out of people. I am lookin forward to the raw nature of the world and to disconnect from society for a bit. I hope to seek my goal in finding inner peace and hopefully Master Shanta-Oogway will be proud of me. I’m nervous about getting injured or getting hungry during a team trek like the other day from the overnight experience. I will overcome this by eating sufficiently and just simply not falling.