Berlin Bound to Create Social Media Content

Hello, Hallo! My name is Olivia Huron! I am a rising senior at the University of Pittsburgh in the College of General Studies, studying Professional Communications and Media on a corporate relations track. I am completing a minor in Law, Criminal Justice, and Society along with a Digital Media certificate (I know a lot, I may even add a minor in Gender Sexuality and Women’s studies since I have time before I graduate). When coming into college, I didn’t know what I wanted to study because I wanted to study everything. I sound silly, but the world is full of knowledge, perspectives, culture, and more. It excites me. Through my first two years at Pitt, I took classes primarily to narrow my interests, like Spanish, for example. It has always been my dream to study and learn Spanish, but I found it challenging and unable to complete a minor in time for graduation, so I gave up my goal for now. However, I am still interested in learning about other cultures, so I became interested in Germany.

Germany is filled with rich history and culture and a substantial European ecological and economic powerhouse. However, I know no German (except so far, I know hi, yes, and no in German), but I am open to learning more about the culture and language.

Through my past three years of pitt, I have taken various writing, English, and other classes that have prepared me professionally and personally for my future career and jobs and helped me figure out what I like. I enjoy collaboration, teamwork, and creativity, along with having values of advocacy and justice. As I continue to learn more about myself, my passions, and what exactly I want my future to look like, this internship will help me get a real hands-on experience into what life within my career field may look like.

At Pitt, I am in a sorority called Chi Omega, where I serve on the executive board, which has helped me gain leadership experience. In addition, I balance two jobs while studying at Pitt, where I am a social media ambassador for Pitt’s Admissions and Financial Aid, and I am a student supervisor for a catering company at the Peterson Event Center.

I have always known I wanted to study abroad or even go abroad. I’ve never been out of America, so I want to gain a global perspective that can teach you many skills. The International Internship Program in Berlin is a unique experience that comes once in a lifetime.

I am going to Berlin, Germany, to intern with Impact Hub Berlin in the communications and marketing department. I will create digital media by working on Impact Hubs’ social media and website. Impact Hub is an excellent company that is a sustainable, driven co-working space for start-ups and entrepreneurs. I am excited to work for a company with values similar to mine. In addition, there are many different impact hubs around the world.

I knew I wanted to do an internship because the job field is competitive, and gaining intercultural communication skills and a global perspective is huge in the job market. An internship is essential talking points and experience. I want to continue to step out of my comfort zone as I did going to college in Pittsburgh from a small town to now another huge city.

Overall, academically, through this exciting international experience, I am gaining credits to finish my communications major, which I can accomplish in my summer free time. I have been interested in having an internship for the past year, and I found less of an opportunity during the fall or spring semester.
Having never traveled outside the United States, I will get new relationships and grow independently. I must adapt to a new environment, integrate within the local communities and handle inherent challenges. I will navigate a new culture. Finally, I will return to the United States with a better understanding of myself and the world.

Professionally I would like to build relationships with colleagues and mentors to gain valuable insights into the professional environment in Europe. In addition, I will be prepared for life when I graduate in the Spring of 2024.

Now in a blink of an eye, the day has finally come to pack up my bags and start an experience I’ve never had. Although I have committed by going through the application process and going through requirements for pre-travel to start the International Internship program, it still doesn’t feel real. I don’t think it will feel real until I enter Berlin and adventure for the first week. I am beyond excited for this global experience to become a reality. I am glad our first week is filled with an itinerary of activities, so I will feel ready and settled in before starting my internship.