Bridging Boarders: Marketing Marvels Abroad in Berlin

Hallo! My name is Meghan Phrampus, and this summer, I will be participating in the International Internship Program based out of Berlin, Germany. I am currently a rising junior and a part of the College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh. I am pursuing a double major in both Marketing and Business Information Systems, as well as a certificate in Digital Media. I am a member of Women in Business and STEP @ Pitt. Outside of my school organizations, a few of my hobbies include weightlifting, video editing, and skiing.
During the academic year, I work a position for the Winter Institute of Simulation, Education, and Research. I am responsible for scripting, composing, and editing educational healthcare videos. This position has taught me the value of time management and how truly vital collaboration is for long-term success, especially when working on projects.
Before starting my college journey, I always knew a goal of mine was to have a study abroad experience, which is why I jumped at the opportunity for this summer. I chose the International Internship Program in Berlin because not only do I get the chance to study abroad, but I can also further develop my professional skills while working an international internship. For a business student, summer internships are crucial for career success, and only a small percentage of college students work for a company based outside of the United States. I specifically chose Berlin because it is a very international city, and many businesses in the United States do work out of Germany. During our first week of orientation, we will be taking tours of all the different companies across Berlin and learning about how each firm operates.
The company I will be working for this summer is named Kietzee. Kietzee is a web-based service company that assists expecting families in Berlin by helping them navigate the many challenges of being a new parent. My role will be working with their marketing team to develop and execute new, effective marketing strategies. This will be the first summer internship I have worked in my professional career, and this will also be my very first time traveling to Europe. Ever since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to work in the business world, and this will be my first time getting a real taste of what that feels like. There are sure to be some challenges along the way, but these challenges will only aid my personal development. For instance, navigating an entirely foreign country, especially when you do not speak the language, is quite nerve-racking. In order to get ahead of this and to help combat these insecurities, I have been researching the city. Additionally, I have been trying to learn simple German greetings in hopes of making my arrival much more smooth.
This summer, I am really looking forward to making new connections with both students from the United States as well as networking with business professionals in the Berlin area. I have always loved meeting and getting to know new people, so this is the perfect opportunity. I also hope that this experience allows me to grow into an even more independent individual. As a young woman in business, I have a lot to learn before graduating from the University of Pittsburgh and fully emerging myself into the professional world. During this internship, I intend to gain valuable marketing experience as well as learn more about leadership and what it takes to run a company. I hope to work on many different projects and collaborate with colleges that will also be working at Kietzee.
From what I have read, I know that Germans tend to have very strong work ethics, and I am curious to witness this for myself. I am also excited to witness the cultural differences both socially and in the workplace. I intend to take what I learn from working abroad and integrate these lessons into my everyday life in Pittsburgh. Another personal goal I have set for myself while on this excursion is to try as many new things as possible, whether that be food, drinks, or anything I could count as a new experience. I know that these foreign experiences will help me grow as a person and teach me varying perspectives from my own. Even though I have some anxiety about living in another country for two months, I am keeping an open mind and am excited to see what this summer has in store for me!