Dublin Chapter 1: Work Industry

In Ireland, I’m working in the business industry, specifically the advertising and sponsorship industry. The advertising and marketing industry in Ireland is a dynamic and thriving sector that plays a crucial role in promoting products, services, and brands to target audiences. This industry has been increasingly becoming popular due to increased demand for sports events and sponsorships associated with them. Core is an advertising and marketing firm that works solely within Ireland. They work with major events such as Rugby tournaments, and other events based in Ireland. Core works with third-partner companies to create advertising campaigns for their promotions efforts. Overall, the advertising and marketing industry in Ireland is highly competitive and constantly evolving. It encompasses a wide range of activities, including brand development, market research, creative campaigns, digital marketing, public relations, and media planning. Irish businesses, both domestic and multinational, rely on effective marketing strategies to reach their target markets and stay ahead in a fast-paced and consumer-driven economy. Key skills and strengths that are necessary to be successful in this industry are as follows. One would be communication. Communication can be defined as how others perceive others’ means of sending or receiving information through text or speech. This is considered a key skill because being abroad amplifies how important communication is. One example within the company would be how one way you communicate a thought with a co-worker is communicated but is interpreted completely differently by a co-worker differently. By understanding how to correctly communicate with coworkers is important. This allows both of you to fully interpret each other and the true meaning of what you may be communicating to each other. Additionally, unique written and verbal communication skills are essential in this industry. Marketers in Ireland must effectively convey ideas, present strategies, and engage with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders to build strong relationships and deliver compelling messages. Another key skill in this industry would be persuasion. As a servant leader, we’re taught persuasion as the perception others have of you and your requests; whether they are perceived as a “want to” or “have to” for a task given by a leader. I believe this is a key skill and strength to be considerate about, especially with clients, because giving off the perception to a client of a “want to” rather than a “have to” will make you more likely to be successful in advertising techniques and campaigns. Another key skill would be strategic thinking. A successful marketer in Ireland must possess strong strategic thinking skills to develop innovative campaigns that resonate with the target audience, differentiate the brand, and achieve business objectives. Another key skill is creativity. Creativity can be considered the ability to think outside the box and create engaging content and campaigns is highly valued in the Irish advertising and marketing industry. Creative ideas that capture attention and leave a lasting impression on consumers can drive brand awareness and loyalty. Another skill would be digital marketing expertise. With the increasing importance of online channels, digital marketing expertise is a key skill. Proficiency in areas such as social media marketing, content creation, and data analytics is crucial for success in the Irish advertising and marketing landscape. Building on data analytics, another key skill is one’s analytical abilities. Understanding and interpreting market data, consumer insights, and campaign performance metrics are vital skills. Marketers must possess the ability to analyze data to make data-driven decisions, optimize campaigns, and persuade consumers to understand the marketer’s thinking.

Furthermore, there are competencies necessary for success within the marketing industry. The first one would be adaptability and agility. To further explain, the advertising and marketing industry in Ireland is characterized by rapid changes and emerging trends. Marketers must be adaptable and quick to embrace new technologies, platforms, and consumer preferences to stay relevant in the ever-evolving landscape. This is relevant to Core as a company because they are considered an advertising firm that has to take on new campaigns within Ireland. Another competency necessary for success is collaboration and teamwork, Successful marketers in Ireland understand the importance of collaboration and teamwork. The industry often involves cross-functional projects where marketers must work alongside creative teams, data analysts, copywriters, and media professionals to deliver integrated and impactful campaigns. I know with my internship I will have to work with a team and report to a project manager about updates and completed tasks, and a competency in collaboration and teamwork will ensure success for myself in my internship. Another competency is client relationship management. Building and nurturing strong client relationships is crucial in the Irish advertising and marketing industry and is key to success. Marketers must have the ability to understand client needs, manage expectations, and provide excellent customer service to retain clients and generate referrals.

Overall these show the type of industry I’m working in, as well as the key skills/competencies needed to be successful in the industry!