Intro from London

Hi, I’m Anna and I am an incoming junior at the University of Pittsburgh. At Pitt, I am studying Marketing and Business Information Systems with minors in Econ and French. I am very passionate about traveling which is one of the primary reasons that I chose to participate in this program as it offers me the opportunity to not only study but work closely with locals in a different part of the world, as well as explore and travel to new and exciting places nearby. In my future, I hope to to work and live in a big city, so London was the perfect place to experience that lifestyle in. I also hope to work in the field of marketing particularly in strategy development in my future career so my internship in London is giving me great hands on experience in that area. Through the GBI program, I am taking a pop culture class and an internship. With the class, we are learning about different eras in British pop culture and visiting various field sites related to those studies which has been really interesting so far. I am also interning with the marketing department in a London based ecommerce company which has been very stimulating as well. Throughout this program experience, I hope to gain more interpersonal skills and improve my communication. The internship will definitely aid me well in developing those capabilities as I am forced into a new environment in a brand new country. Additionally, I would love to learn about the culture of England through my traveling and sightseeing here because there has already been some noticeable cultural differences which are interesting to observe and experience. The first two weeks of this program have been pretty hectic but so much fun at the same time. I’ve already met so many amazing individuals in the CAPA program and within my work environment, that I feel like I’m already making so many new connections and friends. I’m finding London to be an insanely huge city and with that comes the aspect of always having something to do which I absolutely love. I love the social scene that comes with being in London in the summer, and how the atmosphere is always very lively and welcoming. So far, my class and internship have been very interesting and I’ve learned so many new things already whether it be in the area of marketing and business or the pop culture of Britain.

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