Everyday Life in Florence

While studying in Florence, I take classes through the CAPA program meaning I do not take classes with local Florentines, but instead with people who are also studying through CAPA. The CAPA program ranges from a large range of schools, from University of Pittsburgh to Purdue and University of Tampa. It has been fun meeting new people from different schools, who are also experiencing the same things as me. Although I do not take classes with local Florentines, living locally has allowed me to meet and connect with so many people that I would have never met living back in Pittsburgh. I am taking Italian Language and Culture 1 and Art Renaissance History. The Italian 1 course I am in is for University of Pittsburgh students only, and it is an interactive class with weekly quizzes and projects. Because I am taking an Italian language course in Italy, we are going to go to a cafe for a “field trip” and order in Italian. In Art Renaissance History we go to different museums and churches each class to learn about the art and see it in person. These interactive moments in class are something that I have not experienced at the University of Pittsburgh, and it is an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. 

The University of Pittsburgh and Florence have some similarities and differences. Pittsburgh and Florence are both cities, so I have been used to the busy and lively lifestyle. The people in my classes are similar to the people in my class from Pittsburgh, because a lot of students in my classes are from the University of Pittsburgh. However, most of these people I would have not met without this experience, so I am grateful this program has allowed me to meet so many fellow students here. Of course the major difference is I am living in a new country, but as I mentioned before I am also experiencing many interactive activities with the city, which has been new for me. 

I live in an apartment with nine other girls in a very central location. I am close to the CAPA building, the Duomo, and crossing the river only takes about fifteen minutes. I live with a mix of girls from the University of Pittsburgh, Oswego, and Purdue. I only knew my roommate before going into this, so I have been able to meet and become close with girls that I would have never known without this experience. Adjusting to this new city has been challenging at times, but I would not change it for anything else.

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