Learning In The Entertainment Hub

The Pitt in LA program is a Panther Program, where a Pitt professor joins us on our month-long trip to Los Angeles. Carl Kurlander is teaching our ENGFLM 1545 and BUSHRM 1684 courses and facilitating visits from professionals throughout the world of entertainment, from film to music.

Through our coursework we’ve given presentations almost daily to our classmates about areas we have researched, from industry executives, to processes in filmmaking. We are able to select areas of interest for a final projects in each course as well, which can include interviewing a guest on our Pitt in Hollywood Podcast, writing a report on an industry case study, or working on an outside project as they arise from connections on the program.

I am staying in the beautiful Burbank area in an apartment complex with three lovely roommates, located in close proximity to many studios, such as Warner Brothers and Universal Studios. My roommates are all film students, so it has been great to hear their perspectives on the program and learn about the film department of the university.

I am absolutely loving it here! The only challenge I’d say I initially had was finding a balance between such a fast-paced program and exploring all the areas I’d like. It has been much easier to balance as I’ve gotten used to the program. After classes, I’ve been able to venture out to explore the area. I hiked 7 miles to the top of the Hollywood Sign (and back), explored the Hollywood Walk of Fame, checked out the Santa Monica Pier, attended the Marina del Rey Film Festival, visited a pop-up shop to meet one of my favorite bands (LANY), and went to a concert and a comedy show in Downtown LA. Later today, we’ll be visiting Lionsgate!

I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us. Every guest speaker and studio visit has given me so much insight on the world of entertainment and has made me so much more excited to break into it!

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