We’re Halfway There

Hello again! Currently, at this point in the program, we are 3 weeks down and have 3 weeks left to go. Everyone said 6 weeks would fly by, and they were not lying, I can’t believe we’re halfway done already. The new university I’m studying at is the University of Technology Sydney where I am taking two classes. In one of my classes, I am exploring the city of Sydney and learning about its position as a global city from a worldwide perspective. In this class, we visit a lot of museums and landmarks, which is a very enjoyable way to learn about the city. I am also taking a course that goes alongside my part-time internship where I learn skills to develop myself professionally. We only meet once a week, but the knowledge I’m gaining about trying to get the most out of my internship is incredibly valuable. 

My host institution is fairly similar to Pitt in some ways but also a bit different. The campus is pretty spread out, just like Pitt. The campus is also not closed, there is a variety of buildings all over the city like Pitt, just to a smaller degree. In terms of classes, they are just a bit longer than my classes at Pitt, but we are also only here for a short period of time. The neighborhood is very comparable to the vibe of Pitt, it’s an urban area surrounded by suburbs. I feel very at home here because it is so similar to what I’m used to at school. We are surrounded by several amazing coffee shops and restaurants that keep us eating a variety of foods every single day. 

I live with 6 other girls in an apartment that is strictly student living which is really nice. I am enjoying my experience in student living, it is nice to be able to go up a few floors after a long day and hang out with friends. I would say that I am adapting pretty well to my living arrangement, this past year at Pitt I lived in an apartment with two other roommates, and the year before that I lived in a suite with 7 other roommates. Thus, I was pretty used to the current living situation that I have right now. I wouldn’t say that I really have faced any major challenges; I think you just always must adjust when you’re living with a new group of people. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience here in Sydney, both in my internship and coursework. In addition, I have loved exploring the city in my free time. This past weekend I went to Surf Camp, I have never been surfing before, but I had a blast. I can’t wait for the rest of the adventures that await me in the next 3 weeks!

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