Adapting to Australia – Life Abroad

Here in Australia I have begun to adapt to a different way of life as compared to back in the US. To begin with a little introduction on our host university, we are taking classes at UTS. My classes are going great, I’m taking a global internship course to help develop my interpersonal and professional skills as well as a class called exploring the global city. This class is all about Australian history and neighborhoods today and how that has helped Sydney in becoming a global city. We have gone on 3 “field trips” where we’ve actually had the chance to visit different museums and neighborhoods around Sydney. It’s a great cultural experience and a way to get to see and understand different parts of Sydney I probably wouldn’t have known as much about otherwise. This host institution is very spread out as a campus integrated into the city. As it is a city campus, that is similar to Pitt, but the way it’s laid out is very much different to what Pitt is like in that again it is all separate and every building seems to stand alone. Our neighborhood is great, there are so many amazing food options. My suitemates and I like to visit and try a new place at least 3 times a week and have made a rule to try not to go to the same place more than once. It’s a great way for us all to try new food and experience tastes outside of our normal comfort zones, and it’s worked out great so far! One of the best meals I’ve had by far has been the ramen as pictured below, it was absolutely phenomenal. The living situation here is amazing as well, I got really lucky and ended up with both amazing suitemates and no roommate. Having a room all to myself is so nice, but also slightly lonely as there is a whole side of the room not being used. But we mostly all hang out in the common space and do a lot of our daily activities together. Bonding with everyone who is here has been so great and I have met so many amazing people, both from Pitt and other schools around America. It definitely is going to be sad going home as I won’t be able to spend all of my time with my friends and will have to get used to living on my own again without always having something to do. Life here is so fast paced as we are trying to do and see as much as we possibly can in these 6 weeks. I love it, but it will definitely be a challenge to re-adapt to a slower living when I come back.

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