Not so Strictly Business

I feel as a business student that half our job is networking and being able to adapt.  Unlike hard science, there is not a set formula as to how to complete our work or how to obtain a job.  With this being said, business allows a larger degree of flexibility.  With my study abroad experience, I have been able to take on a new role at a new company in a new country with confidence.  Not only am I making connections here, I’m making an impact I am proud of.  As any new job would require attention to detail and open mindedness, having a job in a whole new country needs a new level of patience and communication.  I am not able to provide my expertise to global projects, but I am able to further understand business practices and local culture in the workplace. The first skill that comes to mind that has been sharpened here in Sydney is adaptability.  Not only in the workplace but in day to day life.  Unexpected challenges occur that are very frustrating.  For example, there is a 10% extra tax on Sunday since they consider it a rest day and pay employees extra.  But as it relates to my future opportunities, I will definitely be using this experience in future interviews and projects.  Another skill I am happy to say I’ve sharpened here is time management.  While here, I am taking a class, twice a week in a four hour session, doing twenty hours a week at my internship, completing assignments, running errands like the grocery store, all the while still trying to have fun and see the country.  Needless to say my planner has been very busy and I’ve tried my best to stay on track.  In addition, as part of my program I take a class that is complementary to my internship.  In this class I make a cover letter, do a mock interview, and get my cover letter reviewed.  Now even though Pitt Business offers similar resources, getting a different perspective from another country helps.  This way if I am applying for an international role, I can tweak the resume, cover letter, and interview to that global view.  Overall, being in a foreign country and being able to work has made me more confident in my ability to be independent.  Not only can I survive on my own, cook for myself, clean when needed along with the rest of necessities, I can plan fun things like going to the Kirribilli markets or going to the Luna Park amusement park.  I’m also so proud to say that I am making an impact at the company I am working for.  They always include me in meetings and ask for my ideas or opinions.  I have to be quick on my feet when it comes to creative solutions, but I would not want it any other way.   So excited to continue this journey.

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