A Better Business Student

My global experience has been life-changing in more ways than I can count. Supply chain is a key area of interest for me because it is so dynamic and daily operations from one business do not directly translate to another; navigating this challenge in the realm of international business has led to professional development. Currently, I am the Logistics and Operations Intern at SalDoce Fine Foods. SalDoce is an award-winning health food company that  creates and delivers allergen-free and gluten-free foods in a variety of products(i.e. pancake batter, flour, cupcake mixes) and flavors(i.e. red velvet, vanilla, buttermilk). By focusing on nut, gluten, and dairy intolerances, SalDoce bears in mind that dietary needs are not one-size fits all. SalDoce supplies 35+ products to independent retailers and chain supermarkets around the globe, and upholds the belief that taste should not be compromised due to an allergy.

During my tenure with SalDoce, I will head 3 projects. Project #1 is preparing the Annual Stock Take for all Warehouses and Contract Manufacturers, to keep track of ingredients, packaging, finished goods, and part pallets. This project requires the creation of a form and performing physical stock counts. For Project #2, I will create a pricing comparison and analysis between the 3 warehouses. I will include logistical analysis to determine the most cost-efficient solution. For Project #3, I will ensure that our partnership with ALDI, as it moves to a new EDI platform, is done smoothly with consumer benefit in mind by being the liaison.

I have expanded my professional and personal network greatly. Between the students in my program who come from different universities/majors, the qualified CAPA staff who originate from a range of countries and work experiences, and those in my industry/workplace, I have built strong connections and engaged in intellectual conversations. Additionally, I received hands-on experience with top-down goal achievement and planning of sales, stakeholder partnerships, and inventory management. Through interning abroad in the Aussie work environment, I have deepened my communication skills and have worked on knowing when to seek assistance. Last but not least, I feel as though I was reasonably thrown into the deep-end at my internship and was thought to know a lot more about the industry and way of conducting business than I really did. Through overcoming various challenges and finding solutions on my own, I have become more of an independent thinker.

This international experience has enabled me to develop a range of transferable skills that will add value to future professional opportunities and allow me to prosper. The greatest competency I have grown in is IT and tech skills. I am now very familiar with Excel, Microsoft Teams, Oracle NetSuite, data organization, and spreadsheet-making. Computer literacy is vital in our current work environment, especially data entry and management for supply chain. I developed the interpersonal skill of dependability through inputting tax invoice data from ALDI orders and warehouse requests- being exact in terms of projection and numbers is vital. A general skill I gained is flexibility- from unexpected counts and supply chain issues, it is important to think on your feet and make changes instantaneously. Through attending to customer complaints and suggestions, I have deepened my knowledge with conflict resolution, customer service, and professional communication. Last but not least, I gained familiarity with active listening, public speaking, and picking up non-verbal cues. By working in a new culture and atmosphere, I have to be very on top of understanding verbiage, proper grammar, and responding to social cues. By understanding what I skills I am great at and what I need to work on, I can gain experience to acclimate into new, future roles faster.

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