Exploring Berlin

After recovering from our quick trip to Munich last week, we decided to take it much easier for this one. It definitely took us a few days to catch up on all of the sleep that we missed. Luckily Berlin is a huge city, and there is always more to explore no matter how long someone has lived here. After work one day, a group of us decided to head out to Viktoria Park to grab some food and watch the sunset. Berlin tends to be a very flat city, and Viktoria Park is basically a park on a hill, reminding me much more of something you would find in Pittsburgh. I had bratwurst, which is a delicious German meal. It pretty much looks like an American hotdog on a bun that is way too small for it, but obviously, the sausage was much better. After downing our food, we made it to the hill at the perfect time to watch the sunset in the distance. It was quite beautiful to witness, and after, we headed off for gelato. The gelato we found was unworldly and even better, it was extremely cheap. Once we all finished our gelato, we headed back past Viktoriapark to catch a bus, but not before stopping at the famous mini waterfall right outside the entrance of the park.
Work was also fantastic this week as we started on many new projects that we had planned for a long time. One of these projects included our Meta ad campaign. I had been designing the graphics and the texts to go along with them for a little over a week, and we were finally ready to decide which ones we would make public. After sitting down with Lisa and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each, we landed on five different ads that we would test in our first round. I was very excited to see which ones would do the best because I had been working on the different elements for a long time. Finally, we launched the campaign, and now all we had to do was await the results. At the end of the week, we came back together and discussed which of the ads performed the best and then limited the original five down to two. After that, we launched our second test over the weekend.
Over the weekend, we did a few activities, such as visiting a nearby lake which was especially nice because it was quite hot outside that day. We went swimming and saw all of the different boats that people were taking out into the water. We thought about renting a boat as well, but instead, we collectively decided to get more gelato. During the night, we went to a nearby restaurant that had outdoor seating and enjoyed the lovely summer night. On Sunday morning, we ventured off to find a new fleamarket that we had not been to yet. This flea market was at a place called Mauerpark and was giant. We noticed that the prices were much higher than the ones we had previously been to, but it was still fun to walk around and enjoy some food. We then stumbled upon a karaoke event happening which was very cool to see. The park was very busy, but it was nice to see so many people out and about.
Before this internship, my leadership style was quite shy as I tended to be a more reserved person at first. I usually do not like to take charge unless no one else is, and I basically am forced to. This has definitely changed on this trip. A lot of the work I do at my internship is independent, so it is not very often that I have to show my leadership skills. Occasionally when I am in the office, I will do my own research and find new ideas to bring to my boss. This has helped us both, as it gives me a sense of independence while I am still feeling valuable to the company. The times I have seen myself be a leader the most is when we are exploring new places. Instead of debating back and forth about what to do and wasting time, I tend to be the one that pushes everybody to make a decision. I like to keep moving and exploring, especially now that we are in a foreign country for such a short time, so I have been pushing to make that happen. I am constantly researching new places to go and finding fun activities we can all enjoy. This has been pushing me to be more of a leader, and I am very happy that I get to see this side of myself.

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