I have been in Dublin for a little over a month now. I have now spent a significant amount of time at my office and everything has become familiar. I have been able to completely have my daily routine down. From my route to work, every morning is around the same time as well as how I spend my lunch break. But at the same time, I am still exploring the different options Dublin has. 

Reflecting on this internship I have been able to grow myself along with my hard and soft skills. The biggest soft skill I was able to improve on is my communication. For me, I work in a very tight knight group, and being able to communicate is the most important. Being able to successfully communicate with my coworkers. For me and the other intern, we must communicate with each other, so we do not overlap on projects. As my time progresses here I have been able to witness myself become more accustomed to the language and communication styles here more naturally. But communication is not just limited to my coworkers but on social media as well. During my internship, I heavily focus on the marketing usage behind social media. Being able to communicate efficiently that it gets perceived how I am attended to by an audience. This soft will be the most beneficial to me after leaving this internship. 

Another soft skill I have improved on is creativity. This is a very valued transferable skill in my future industry path. My internship is not very strict about deadlines and rules for projects. I am allowed to create whatever I feel is best for the project. Being the more creative I can be is very much encouraged. This was originally something that was hard for me in a working sense. Growing up creativity has never been a struggle for me but in a career setting it feels blocked. There felt as if there was pressure and then I was unable to create anything. But over my time in this internship, it has allowed me to improve on this. As I am given more freedom in my placement as time continues it has become easier and easier to be more creative. This is a skill that is very important for me to feel like I have improved on in my time here. 

One of the hard skills I have been able to learn was how to learn social media as a business. This includes the Meta and Deck platforms that are able to be used by businesses. Previously I had no had experience using these and now I am proficient while using this. Along with this another hard skill I have learned was how to properly interact with artists. This hard skill goes hand and hand with the communication soft skill. Having to interact with and host artists when they come to the venue. Having to work with certain artists for projects and promotional work.  

Now I have less than a month left of my internship, my skills will only continue to grow. These skills will greatly help me in my future career. 

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