Halfway done

Halfway through my internship at patientMpower, a cutting-edge data analytics company based in Dublin, I find myself reflecting on the valuable skills I have acquired thus far. Not only have I been fortunate to work with innovative technologies that revolutionize patient monitoring, but I have also witnessed significant personal and professional growth. In this blog post, I will discuss the transferable or “soft” skills I am developing, the technical or “hard” skills I have gained through my work with Tableau, and how my global competencies have allowed me to navigate cross-cultural situations.

Transitioning from academia to a professional setting has presented me with an invaluable opportunity to cultivate transferable skills. In particular, the transition to a structured 9-5 work environment has taught me the importance of time management, organization, and adaptability. Collaborating with coworkers has enhanced my communication and teamwork skills, enabling me to effectively contribute to team projects and share ideas. Additionally, problem-solving and critical thinking have become second nature as I encounter real-world challenges, allowing me to develop creative solutions.

As an intern at patientMpower, I have had the privilege of immersing myself in the world of data analytics and utilizing powerful tools to extract insights. One of the significant technical skills I have gained is proficiency in Tableau, a data visualization software. Coming into the internship, I had little experience with Tableau, but through hands-on practice and guidance from experienced colleagues, I have acquired the ability to analyze complex data sets and present visually appealing and impactful dashboards. This technical expertise has broadened my analytical toolkit and expanded my understanding of data-driven decision-making.

Working at patientMpower has exposed me to a diverse and inclusive environment, fostering cross-cultural interactions on a daily basis. My global competencies have been instrumental in navigating these situations effectively. First and foremost, I have learned the value of cultural sensitivity and empathy, respecting and appreciating the diverse perspectives and backgrounds of my colleagues. Active listening has been key in understanding different communication styles, allowing for smoother collaboration and the development of mutual understanding. Moreover, my internship experience has reinforced the significance of adaptability and openness to new ideas, enabling me to embrace and learn from cultural differences rather than being hindered by them.

The integration of both soft and hard skills at patientMpower has provided me with invaluable opportunities to apply my knowledge and abilities to real-world scenarios. For instance, my newfound time management skills have enabled me to meet project deadlines, while effective communication has fostered strong working relationships with coworkers. I have also leveraged my technical expertise in Tableau to develop comprehensive visualizations that effectively communicate complex data insights, contributing to informed decision-making processes within the organization. Additionally, my global competencies have allowed me to navigate cross-cultural coworker interactions, promoting understanding and building trust across international boundaries. I have prepped viciously to be aware of Irish social and work culture, and also of their perception of Americans and our work culture. The biggest priority in any interaction, disregarding culture, is to have patience and understanding of other peoples. I also work with two Portuguese people, and again I need to be aware of their unique expectations.

My halfway point in the internship at patientMpower has been a transformative experience, shaping not only my technical proficiency but also my personal and interpersonal growth. The development of transferable skills such as time management, communication, and problem-solving, along with gaining expertise in Tableau, has equipped me with a solid foundation for future endeavors. Furthermore, the cultivation of global competencies has enhanced my ability to navigate cross-cultural situations, fostering collaboration and understanding. As I look forward to the remaining period of my internship, I am excited to further refine these skills and continue making a meaningful impact in the field of data analytics.

P.S. The featured image for this week is of me at Howth (pronounced Howt by Irish people). It is a peninsula just north of Dublin, and it’s an incredibly scenic vista. I was lucky enough to go on a “dreary” Sunday that ended up being quite beautiful, but still nearly no-one else was there. It had rained earlier a couple of times, but quickly stopped as fast as it started. The weather here right now is similar to tropic countries’ constantly changing harsh weather. If it was any clearer when I was there I supposedly should’ve been able to see Liverpool. Regardless, between the unbroken water ( there was only one ship), the craggy islands around the mainland, and the sunset breaking through the cloud cover in the distance, it was a spectacular visit that I highly recommend.

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