Last Week in Florence

Hi everyone! I have officially completed my last week of classes for the  University of Pittsburgh Global Business Institute Summer 2023 program. This experience has contributed to not only my personal development, but also my professional development as a business student. This experience has taught me a multitude of things, and has allowed me to grow in many ways. I am an accounting major at Pitt and an essential part of building a career in public accounting, and the business field as a whole, is making connections. Studying abroad in Florence with the GBI program has allowed me to meet new people that have similar interests as me, that I otherwise would likely not have met without this opportunity. The increase in global connections I have made throughout this journey, with both students and professors, can help me further down my career, whether it be hearing about new job opportunities or being put in contact with new people. I believe that this program has also given me a competitive advantage as I apply and interview for jobs. The skills, experiences, and knowledge I have gained while being here has helped me become a more qualified and attractive candidate for the business field. I have gained a belt of new skills throughout my six weeks taking classes in Florence. I have learned new cross cultural skills, living in Italy has introduced me to new cultural characteristics that I have come to appreciate. Having an understanding of another culture, besides my own, and a slight understanding of the Italian language will broaden my ability to understand more people in the business world, especially globally. Another skill I have developed is self-reliance. I have always considered myself to be a pretty independent and self reliant person, however studying abroad in a foreign country for six weeks has pushed me to become even more self reliant and independent. This newfound increase in independence has improved my self confidence. Lastly, I have improved upon my problem solving skills. I have had to be flexible and adaptable in solving any problems that arise, and this has improved my ability to calmly and efficiently react to problems and solve them in a timely manner. Overall the University of Pittsburgh Global Business Institute Florence Summer 2023 program has contributed a significant amount to my professional development as well as improved my transferable skills that I will bring with me to future professional opportunities.

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