Saying goodbye to London

Experiencing life in London for the last six weeks has been such a memorable and amazing opportunity. Through my internship, I gained a lot of insight and learned various skills along with meeting a lot of amazing people on the way. At the start of my internship, I did not know what to expect and how much I would like it, but soon after I felt like I was part of the team and was able to help them in many different ways. To have been able to complete an internship in London and grow professionally was so rewarding and something I will never forget. I grew more confidence in myself and my abilities to perform in a work environment. I learned a lot about overcoming self doubt and gained better insight on where I see myself working in the future, and guiding myself to my dream career. 

There is so much that I learned and experienced while being in London. Since it is such a large city, you were forced to move out of your comfort zone. Whether that was learning how to use different public transport, exploring a new area of London or communicating with people throughout the city, you were always learning something new or gaining new valuable experience. From my short time here, I learned valuable personal skills including time management, self confidence, and communication as well as professional skills in applications such as Microsoft Word and Visio. I grew to know tasks that I like and do not like, when to ask for help and when to argue that I need to be challenged more. When I return home soon, I will be spending time reflecting on everything that I learned and how to use these new or improved skills to help push me into the right direction. Even though it was a short time for an internship, it was very easy to adapt and adjust to learn as much as I could in a short period of time. 

Overall, London is such a beautiful city that I have been able to call home for the last month and half. It is such a diverse and accepting city that people from all over the world call home. I am truly blessed to have had this experience to grow personally and professionally and cannot wait to use these skills when I return back to the United States. 

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