The London Intern Experience

Being able to complete an international internship was one of the main reasons I applied for the Global Business Institute. I was very excited when I got matched with my company, Luxuriate Life Magazine. The pairing process was super efficient on both my and CAPA’s end in choosing the best opportunity for my skillset and ambitions. 

Interning in London for the past six weeks has taught me so many transferable skills that I will use. Because my role was remote, I had to focus on my time management skills in order to get all of my tasks done during each week. Additionally, it helped a lot to stay organized on my laptop, I created specific folders for the work I was doing and made a shareable To Do list my boss used to keep track of my progress that I would update everyday. 

In pairing with an internship, CAPA students are required to take an internship course, where we discuss our roles, professional development, and cultural intelligence. As someone who would love to work abroad one day, educating yourself on the company culture in a different country is vital in order to be successful. We discussed in our class the importance of learning the similarities and differences of the company you work for, whether it is values, daily vocabulary, or office etiquette. This was something I utilized early on in my internship, as the first article I wrote for the magazine, I had to adjust my spelling and grammar to the UK, as there are many subtle differences in the English we use. 

In terms of technical skills, I learned a lot about search engine optimization, including key words, meta descriptions, and how to optimize page views in my WordPress process when I wrote and edited articles. This is transferable to the digital marketing field and useful for any marketer to understand. I also did work on social media, creating and uploading reels, writing captions for posts, and picking out the best photographs for content. 

All in all, I am very fortunate for the internship I was placed at, and am looking forward to sharing my knowledge more with future employers and professionals. Even though my role was only six weeks long, I feel that I obtained many new experiences and learned so much about the editorial and marketing field. Hopefully one day I can return to the amazing city of London with a job here. 

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