Professional and Personal Development

As a Pitt business student we are constantly working towards a more professional and well rounded education to become the best possible candidate. My study abroad experience has incorporated a class load as well as a marketing internship with the London Basketball Association. As my first professional internship in the business world, I was anxious yet excited to further my knowledge and experiences. I have gained real world experiences to apply to my classes including the internship class that emphasizes how we get the most out of internships. Through my experience the last six weeks I have developed cultural intelligence helping me gain a better understanding that all cultures are different and that does not make them wrong. London has a different culture which I have learned a lot about living here and I will take that with me for the rest of my college career as well as when I enter the workforce. As this is my first internship I learned a lot about the fundamentals of running and marketing a business and everyday developed my professionalism, teamwork, and communication. 

At my internship we work in a very small team where in one room it ranges from the CEO to the interns as well as a large remote group. Working in a small team in one room increases the amount of communication drastically. We were able to have creative conversations more frequently, spontaneously, and less formal. I found that I enjoy working style and developed my communication and teamwork skills on a daily basis. A high amount of communication was an important aspect of my internship and any future job I will have. More than half the London Basketball Association team works remote and some even in a different time zone. Constantly communicating and keeping my managers and the other interns in the loop and constantly alerting them on my progress. 

In my internship class we discuss what skills and experiences we are having to help us become a more attractive candidate for jobs. My program has helped me update and improve my resumes and cover letters as well as conducting a mock interview in which to learn how to talk about my study abroad classes and internships in an interview. Balancing classes and an internship as well as trying to savor every moment and make memories while being abroad has been an interesting and tiring experience. This has increased my time management skills as well and therefore made me a more responsible person. 

This experience has taught me a lot about who I am as an individual and how I see myself moving forward in my professional and personal life. I have become more confident, culturally aware, and prepared to value and seize every moment. I am thankful everyday that I got to experience something rare and special while still developing who I am as a person. 

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