8 Weeks to 19 Days


As the month of July starts, it reminds me that my time in Germany is quickly coming to a close. As the weeks go by, I am trying to make the most of my remaining time here, both at work and outside of it. At work, the English version of the company website I was working on was officially published. It was nice to log on the other day and see that as it is something that I can look back at years from now. I also got to start a new logistics project related to the BMW project I was working on during the first few weeks of my internship. On Tuesday, I went out to have dinner and found a highly rated döner kebab. Little did I know that I would be waiting in line for one hour. The döner kebab was good, but I am not sure if it was worth standing in line for that long. After work on Thursday, I made my weekly trip over to Markthalle Neun and got Argentinian empanadas which were really good. I like to go here as the food options change every week so I can always get something new. On Saturday, I made my way over to the Union Berlin fan shop. I originally planned to pick up a few small things but instead got their away jersey from this past season. I really liked the color scheme and it is unlike any of the other jerseys I have at home, so it is a good addition to my collection. On Sunday, I returned to RAW Flea Market. I went here during one of my first weekends here and it was a lot bigger than I expected. While I did pick some things up my first time there, there was a lot that I missed out on as I was kind of wandering around without really looking. This time, since I knew what to expect, I was able to look around a bit more and pick up some items for my family back home. My favorite find was an AHL t-shirt for the Worchester Ice Cats. It is always interesting to find things that pertain to American sports over here, especially since it was not from the top league. With these last few weeks, I have made a list of the places I would like to visit, food I want to try, etc. I am hoping to get through it all and I still feel like there is a ton of Berlin that I have not seen. Every time I get off the train, it seems like I am in a new area. But that is also the one thing I like about Berlin, all the neighborhoods are so different that it is easy to tell when you cross into a new one. 

This past semester at Pitt,  I took Organizational Behavior and leadership styles were one of the things we studied. We took a few tests that helped us identify our leadership styles. The first was the T-P Leadership Model. T is for autocratic leadership which focuses on high productivity and tasks. The P is for Laissez-Faire Leadership which focuses on high morale and concern for the people. When I took this assessment, I scored a 5 for P and 2 for T. While these scores are nice to see individually, for example, it showed that I have more concern for people than the task, put together, they show you your shared leadership as these scores are put on a specific scale which is then used to find of things. We also looked into specific leadership styles and the one I found that I most identified with was servant leadership which is commonly used with transformational leadership. Servant leadership is done with the thoughts and needs of the followers and community as the most important deciding factor. In my OB class, we had to identify examples of when we used this leadership style and I personally found that it aligned the most with me. 

I think my leadership style has changed a bit here. I feel like the leadership styles here have more concern for the task and getting things done with high productivity. Especially at my company which is very small, when people are assigned or take on tasks, it is expected that they get it done by a certain date. I think that since before, my leadership leaned more towards having concern for people, this experience with more of the opposite end will help me balance out my leadership style so that when needed, I can apply the task leadership style. 

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