2 weeks left

There are currently less than 2 weeks left of my time here in Dublin. Once I finish this program my mom is traveling here so we can attend two family weddings in August. We will be traveling afterward to the places I was unable to visit because of my working schedule. The time here on this program has gone by very fast it got overwhelming at times. This weekend I was able to travel to Frankfurt. I went solo and met up with a few of my friends from there and it was a lovely time to be able to see everyone again. After that trip I am tired, so I am hoping for this week just to stay in I am still trying to make the most of my time left. I have created a list of things I still want to visit during the rest of my time here. 

Since there are less than 2 weeks left of the program, I have pretty much mastered my daily life in the office. I have gotten into a perfect routine these past weeks. In the office, there is a very low context communication level. I came into this program used to high-context communication. There are only two other people in the office, so I only need to communicate with them. The working nature environment here is very lowkey and slow-paced compared to the high context I am used to. There is more time for more explicate directions on what to create. Although directions are not always typically given there are always opinions about what I create. So with every project I complete, I have some level of feedback or instructions that come along with it. Although there are only two people, I work with I am the social media manager, so I need to adjust my communication style. I have to be able to adjust to what suits the venue. 

For example, I had to make a promotional video for an upcoming gig. I was told some ideas to include that my supervisor had but had pretty much free range while creating it. This part of my job reflects more of high context communications. But once I was finished, I showed it to my supervisor and then was told everything that could be improved and changed from there. Although there isn’t much direction in the beginning there is direction and emphasized communication once I finish the project. Although other times while creating other things I am told exactly what my supervisor wants and then told me improvements once it is finished as well. There is high context when I am working with the other intern. For posts, if she is creating any or posting for her bookings, we communicate times through our shared Excel sheet. We don’t communicate in low context since we are on the same level. There has been only one time that there has been an accidental overlap. Due to the different ways, we write the date so we both thought things were being posted on different days than they actually were. 

With one weekend left I am staying in Dublin this weekend and spending time with my roommates I will soon have to say Farwell to. 

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