A Farewell To London

Studying abroad this summer was by far one of my most rewarding experiences as a Pitt Business student, it was also one I did not plan on doing until very recently before committing to the program. I feel that I learned something new everyday, discovering new parts of the city and myself. 

First, I learned to always plan and adapt, in every kind of situation. This can be applied to my daily commute on the tube, if a train was shut down or I was running late for an event, or working around a technology issue during my internship. It can also be said for the many delayed and cancelled flights that occurred over the six weeks, that prevented me from getting home from Paris and halting my trip to Venice completely. What I took away from all these experiences is that there is always a way to resolve problems, if you have the resilience and patience to attend to them swiftly and smartly. Additionally, never book a cheap flight on EasyJet because you will be let down every time. 

Some things that surprised me about this experience was how London was not as big of a city as I thought it would be. By using the City Mapper app and public transportation, everything was easily within 30 minute reach, and it only took a few days for my roommates and I to get a grasp on the areas we explored. By the end of my study abroad, I felt like an expert on how to get around the city. My family came to London for the beginning of July, and I was able to harness my strong tour guide abilities and show them around for all our day to day travels, very efficiently. 

Professionally and personally I feel I have grown to be much more independent and manage my time efficiently to balance work, classes, and travel. Doing my internship completely remotely, I was given a long list of tasks to be completed indefinitely, and it was up to me how I delegated my tasks throughout my work days to get everything done on schedule. 

The Global Business Institute set up an amazing program for its students, and I felt that being away for six weeks was a perfect amount of time to experience as much as I could and gain many new skills that I will take with me to future job opportunities. To anyone in Pitt Business or Pitt in general, who is looking for a sign to study abroad, this is it. I will always cherish my memories and friends that I made during the summer in London. Of course I will also miss the going to the Pub for Sunday roast dinners and the Jammie Dodger biscuits. 

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