Applying My Growth to My Future

My experience in Florence has helped me to gain a better understanding for other people. I have learned about different cultures and spent a lot of time with those from a very different background from my own. That will help me to work better in teams and communicate better with colleagues and clients in the future. I have gained a better understanding in how to work with those that may think differently than me, and it has helped me to see the importance of understanding and listening to others before trying to explain my vision, as we may have a similar vision, but we may think differently on how to explain or approach it, or they may see a problem differently than me, so that understanding will help me to incorporate our differences in our visions and thinking to create the most optimal solution. The business world is made up of so many different people, and I will be required to interact and work with a variety of  those people, so it is important to be able to have patience, be understanding, and have stellar communication skills in order to best perform. It will also help me to create more meaningful relationships with my clients and colleagues, and relationships are very important in the business world. As I stated in my previous post, I have also had to learn how to communicate without words at times, as not everyone speaks english, and this has helped me to understand the importance in identifying what is important to create a more efficient way of communicating, which can help save time and prevent miscommunications with colleagues and clients in the future. I have also had to adapt to a new environment, which will help me to adapt to a new work environment, especially if my job requires me to move to an unfamiliar place. I have also been away from my support system of family and friends that I have at home and at school, and my experience abroad has taught me how to still utilize that system from a distance, while also adapting to not having the same access to that system and creating a new local support system of peers around me in my new environment, which could also be beneficial if my job requires me to move far away from the support system that I am used to. That is important to me professionally, because if I did not know how to survive without my usual support system, then it could affect my drive and work quality. I have also developed my ability to learn at a faster pace and absorb new information in more abundance, as the pace of my classes have been much faster than I am used to due to their short term. I was able to take a trip to Lucerne in Switzerland this past weekend, and I wanted to attach some pictures from my time there!

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