My London Summer Recap

My time in London, United Kingdom this summer of 2023 has been nothing short of amazing. Through the Global Business Institute: London program, I have learned so much about myself and the world. I have grown on different levels personally, professionally, and academically. This summer has allowed me to grow into a better version of myself.

The other day, maybe two or three days ago, I was organizing my Google Drive. During this process, I found my college bucket list that was created freshman year. As an upcoming senior, it was a full-circle moment for me. On the list, in second or third place, I had put to study abroad. Below the list, I had included pictures as a visual. In one of the pictures was a snapshot of the Big Ben. Not only did I end up going to London to study, but I took nearly the exact picture that was on my bucket list. It was even from the same spot.

I always knew I wanted to travel abroad. Learning about different cultures and trying different foods has been a dream of mine since I came from a small town with little outside culture. Being in London allowed me to be travel to two other countries (the Netherlands and France) while also learning more ways of life than I can remember. After all, London is massive in land and population. Through these experiences, I learned that I want to continue to travel and find out more things about myself.

Professionally and academically, my growth has been astronomical. I gained a new perspective on the world and its wonderful people. As a future Human Resources worker, I have gained intercultural awareness and learned how to navigate change, something employees do not often do well with. As a student, the shift in the way I approach projects will be different. I will look at things with a more open mind.

Something inside of me changed when I experienced this alternate life and I will be forever thankful. My time in London won’t be forgotten and will go down as one of the best summers I have lived. Taking courses at CEA CAPA and interning at a small business gave me a new perspective on life. If given the opportunity, I recommend studying abroad. If it’s something you’re pondering, hop across the pond and take the experience. It will be life-changing!

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