Florence Finale

Hi everyone! It has been about two weeks since the Pitt Global Business Institute Florence Summer 2023 program has ended, meaning this is my last blog post. During this program experience I was able to spend six weeks living in Florence and visit Venice, Cinque Terre, Paris, Siena, San Gimignano, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast through day trips or weekend trips. I also have met many new people throughout this program that I am grateful to call my new friends. Besides meeting new people and traveling around Europe, I have also experienced a significant amount of growth personally, academically, and professionally. Personally, I have become more confident, a better problem solver, and a more culturally aware and intelligent person. While being abroad in a country I have never been to, I experienced language barriers and homesickness. Overcoming these problems by staying calm and collected, has helped me improve upon my problem solving skills. Academically, I have learned a lot about Italian culture and more specifically Florentine culture. While taking Italian Here and Now, I learned a significant amount of Italian language and was able to order in Italian in a cafe. Being able to take an Italian language course in Italy was a rewarding and helpful experience. Taking Renaissance Art History helped me learn more about art overall and the art history in Florence. I had never taken an art course before this, so I have learned a notable amount of art history. I learned about the art pieces in churches and museums in Florence and got to see all of the pieces in person while learning about them. Having this hands-on learning experience in both courses really improved my learning and academic experience while studying in Florence. Experiencing life and culture in a new country has allowed me to professionally develop. I have made new professional connections and gained cultural awareness and appreciation, language skills, and adaptability. A key takeaway I have learned from this experience that I plan to bring with me back to Pitt Business is global perspective. I know global perspective is an important value of Pitt Business, and I plan to integrate my newfound global perspective into the classrooms back at Pitt. Studying business is about having an understanding of business globally, not just where you are, so global perspective is an important quality to have. Overall, this experience in Florence has had nothing but a positive impact on my personal, academic, and professional life.

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