Farewell London!

The 6 weeks I had in London were memorable and exciting! You have the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of peoples from all over, you get to explore as much as you want too, and you get to learn both hard and soft skills while apart of this program. I had the opportunity during and now after the program to travel more around Europe and see how other cities connect and are different from London, Pittsburgh and other cities I have been too. Personally I felt that London had something for everyone.

I’ve grown a lot throughout this experience. One way that will help me both professionally and personally will be with my time and task management skills. You have so much you wanted to do and see when your abroad but you’re also going to have some work to do. Therefore its important to set time to complete those assignments and projects. Or within my internship I had a lot of projects given to me each week and even day that I needed to complete by the due date.

London has allowed me to bring some takeaways back. One being to everyone reading this post, study abroad. You learn a lot especially if you have a good internship but even with your classes you learn a lot about where your studying. In terms of the business world, I recognized how global and international business is and that there is always room for you and a company to grow and expand.

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