Crayola and Shein- Paving The Way To Sustainability

One of my favorite companies that is sustainable is Crayola. According to their website, they use 100% renewable energy, which allows them to produce billions of markers, crayons, and colored pencils for children around the world. Their production process helps to preserve natural resources, and in doing so, they plan to reduce their emissions by 2030.

On the contrary, Shein, a fast fashion brand, claims to be sustainable but has been exposed to greenwashing to increase their revenue. Their website uses tags and promo codes that imply they support sustainable production and materials, but in reality, they produce millions of carbon dioxide tons per year. Despite it being well known that Shein is one of the largest clothing brands contributing to climate change, customers will not stray due to their extremely low prices and decent quality clothing. 

I will always hope that companies will take the proper steps to be eco-friendly but the greenwashing versus the legitimate approaches to sustainability debate will be ongoing. Most companies, like Shein, will favor the cheaper or easier way to produce a product and ignore the detriments of their actions. As climate change worsens, I expect people to express their disapproval, boycott companies, and call on government officials to implement real change for the better. 

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