Opportunities and Threats Within College Athletics

The greatest business opportunity for college sports is increasing the amount of brand deals. Brand deals allow for companies to increase their revenue by partnering with athletes who are successful. In turn, the colleges that those athletes attend will gain more support from fans of the company. This mutually beneficial relationship will only positively impact the athletics department and the company itself. In partnering with a large athletic based company, hopefully the school in question would be able to award fans with free merchandise to create buzz around the athletes and the brand itself. 

One major threat that college athletics could face are the new alternative routes to become a professional player that does not involve college. In basketball, recent graduates of high school will play overseas or in the minor league of the NBA. Baseball players will take a similar route in playing in the minor league of the MLB. Similarly, another threat would be for the major league to begin recruiting right out of high school. This would draw a lot of attention to young players, and possibly oversee the talent of college athletes whose future depends on college athletics. 

As a freshman who is interested in marketing and finance, I hope to add value and gain experience through internships with Pitt athletics marketing department. I want to learn about their business model, the thought processes for posting and engaging with fans, and what they hope to accomplish in the future. 

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