I’m Cami Samuel, a University of Pittsburgh business honors student from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. I am planning on majoring in marketing along with another major that I have not decided on yet. I haven’t participated in any business internships, but I plan to do so during my time at Pitt. I also would like to be apart of more study abroad programs. I’m not sure of what specific career I want to have or what industry I want to be in, but I want to participate in different clubs and programs to find out.

I am in the Global Haller Honors fellowship because it seemed like a great way to begin my college experience and get a sense of what the next few years are going to be like. I love traveling so I’m also excited to explore a new country and culture while learning how to create and present marketing strategies to help a start up business. I hope by being a part of this program it will show me what a consulting career would look like and how to create an effective and successful marketing plan.

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