My Haller Goals

One of my main personal goals for this program is to explore a new European country and consider how it is different from my previous experience in Europe. I went several years ago to the Netherlands and Germany, but it was only for ten days as a family trip. I suspect that the culture of Ireland will be a little different, despite the fact that they are all western European countries. A long-term personal goal of mine is to move to Europe, and so I hope that this expanded perspective of life abroad will help me further consider whether I really want to move.

Professionally, I am really looking forward to working with a small company that is just starting out. In my head, I would prefer to work for a smaller company in which I could use a broader range of skills. However, being able to have this experience before I enter the workforce will give me insight into the advantages and disadvantages of being with such a small company. I’m sure there will be many challenges that we’ll have to face, but I’m looking forward to being part of something bigger as I develop myself both personally and professionally.

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