Haller Goals


My first goal is to expand my knowledge through the course and earn 4 extra credits with a good grade.  In this way, I’d like to get a head start towards earning a strong GPA. Through the course work, I wish to gain a better appreciation for how business is conducted internationally. The company interactions both in Pittsburgh and Ireland that the program offers will give me concrete experiences with real businesses and reveal how decisions are made and companies operate. I wish for the course to also help me in exploring which major I wish to pursue. Through this opportunity, I also hope to accomplish the personal goal of better understanding the city of Pittsburgh and the University campus, while also making friends and meeting professors before the Fall semester begins. I expect to gain firsthand experience of attending class, meeting students and professors, and simply understanding life on campus before the rush of the full student body. That would be extremely useful and rewarding to me, as in the fall when I officially move in, I will already know where my classes, dorm, and the best food spots are, while also having formed strong relationships with both teachers and students. For my career, I wish to cultivate a global business mindset. This includes gaining a stronger appreciation for the different cultures and lifestyles in Ireland. I am hopeful that engaging in cross-cultural dialogue will help me develop a broader world view and in turn, allow for me to become a more well rounded person. This immersion into different cultures will help me assimilate some of the ideals into my own life and allow me to be more educated when it comes to global business. 

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