Goals for Haller

Personally, I want to finally venture to a new country and create lasting relationships with my peers. Academically, I plan to immerse myself in Irish history and culture. For my future career, I hope to understand the inner workings of businesses such as Shareclub. This will give me a clearer view from the inside of how major companies operate and insight on how to begin a career within one.

I am excited to learn more about Dublin by touring historical sites and the countryside, visiting museums, and exploring various neighborhoods to expand my understanding of Irish culture, history, geography, and politics. I also look forward to bonding with fellow business honors students as we collaborate on the consultant project and share our experiences over meals together. 

The offered classes and seminars will prepare me to build connections with professors and clients that will persist through my time at Pitt. Having this foundation to help identify the fundamentals of a company is necessary to produce an innovative and effective final project, and to eventually create a successful business. 

I plan to ask professors and clients about some of the practicalities of everyday operations and how to be a leader in business. I want to understand how they handle controversy and immense pressure, their driving force for internal change, the nature of corporate culture, how they keep up with consumers amidst external evolution, and their inspiration for creating new goals and making major decisions.

I will come away from this trip with a richer understanding of business on the international level, how to work with clients of different cultural standards, and a broadened worldview.

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