Competing Pressures Within the Food Industry

Competing pressures are commonly found within the food industry. Specifically, regarding the cheese industry, established brands will focus on maintaining tradition through high quality and branding. This creates competing pressures because other cheese manufactures cannot capitalize on the name or influences higher quality cheese brands have. For example, Parmigiano Reggiano, a very exclusive and protected cheese brand, is not categorized with brands such as Kraft. Despite the distinct differences between the two, the rules and regulations are strong for both. Kraft believes there should be less restrictions, while Parmigiano Reggiano believes that it is the only way to uphold the high quality and traditions of their parmesan cheese. Businesses are specifically influenced by social concern because some will prioritize themselves over their stakeholders, and some will do the opposite. 

One benefit to regulation within industries is ensuring high quality and branding, which other competing companies are not able to take advantage of. These regulations will help establish brands who produce high quality products and will not mislead consumers who might be swayed to support a different company. On the contrary, a small amount of regulation will allow more companies to explore the free market and experience similar marketing products that may also be very high quality.

Another debate that has prominently affected a lot of people has been the issue of abortion. After the overturning of Roe v. Wade, states have begun to regulate abortion. This topic has been widely debated nationwide about which regulations are deemed correct for women. 

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