Leadership in Spain

Hello everyone! We are almost a week into July, and it is getting hot here in Spain. They also are not huge fans of air conditioning, but I am adapting. Anyway, today we will talk about leadership. Before this experience, I had several opportunities to take up leadership roles, yet I always felt that my style was still evolving. There’s much for me to learn about being an effective leader, and this internship has provided me with a chance to evaluate and explore different leadership styles.

In a typical leadership setting, I prefer not to be overly assertive or force myself into a position of authority. Instead, I believe in offering quality ideas and suggestions and allowing others to choose them willingly. Additionally, when working in a team, I willingly take on more demanding tasks to showcase my value through actions rather than words. Gradually, it becomes apparent that I might be a good fit for a leadership role. I believe in earning my position through merit and the trust others place in me, rather than imposing myself upon them, which could lead to negative perceptions. Once elected as a leader, I strive to lead fairly and by example. I never expect anything from my team that I wouldn’t do myself. Depending on the situation, I lead by setting an example, and my partners usually follow suit. This approach has proven to work well, as it reduces the need for constant requests, and they understand the expectations. However, I must admit that there have been instances when I didn’t exhibit great leadership. There were times when I let my emotions get the better of me and wasn’t levelheaded. I acknowledge this as an area for improvement, and I hope to learn more about how to handle stressful situations effectively.

As my internship entered its final weeks, my supervisor gradually entrusted me with more responsibility. One significant project I recently undertook involved updating our inventory system. Due to its complexity, I needed assistance to complete it on time. My supervisor suggested that I seek help from the interns in the other division. It was an uncomfortable situation as I had to supervise and provide feedback to interns of the same age, but I embraced the challenge and effectively trained them. This project offered me a golden opportunity to put all the leadership skills I mentioned earlier into practice.

Reflecting upon my experiences and analyzing my leadership style while writing this blog post, I feel more confident in my ability to grow as an effective leader. I am excited to witness how this project pans out and see the positive impact of my leadership on the team and the overall outcome.

In conclusion, leadership is a continuous journey of growth and self-improvement. My time here in Spain and this internship have allowed me to reflect on my existing leadership skills and learn new ways to enhance them. I am grateful for the chance to lead, while recognizing that there will always be areas for me to develop further. By embracing these opportunities and learning from them, I am confident that I will evolve into a more capable and influential leader.

Thank you all for joining me in this discussion on leadership. I hope you found some insights that resonate with your own leadership journey. Let’s strive to lead with integrity, empathy, and the determination to make a positive impact on those around us. Together, we can create a more effective and compassionate world through our leadership. Stay tuned for more updates and experiences from my time here in Spain!

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