Business Motivations

I don’t often listen to music to motivate myself or study because I feel like it distracts me. But sometimes, if I need background noise, I listen to a LoFi playlist on YouTube because it blocks out outside distractions and there are no lyrics to distract me. As a marketing major, I look forward to finding out which kind of marketing I like the most.

I enjoy intellectual pursuits, but I also want to work a high-pressure job, which is why I chose to be a business major. I feel that I am motivated to succeed by the grades I receive in my classes. Business is a great mix of intellectual pursuits and a way to make money.

I anticipate taking advantage of the programs at Pitt Business by studying abroad multiple times and by participating in the internships this program offers. I think there are a lot of student organizations at Pitt Business that I want to join.

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