Majoring in Business


I like to listen to calming music and movie soundtracks when studying. I especially enjoy work by composers Hans Zimmer and John Williams. As an undergraduate business major, I am looking forward to studying the supply chain. I believe it will be interesting to understand how a product goes from the planning stage to production, sourcing, and transportation, and how best to manage that efficiently. 

While a part of my decision to major in business was to eventually obtain a reliable job and a constant source of income after graduation, more went into my decision making process as well. I also chose to major in business because I enjoy working with people, problem solving, and I work well with others. I hope to have some sort of positive impact on the world and I believe that can be done through the business field, whether that is through funding to non profit organizations, philanthropy, or research. I am inspired by businesses I have seen pursue these noble directions and I am hoping that eventually I can contribute to that as well. I hope to find a course of study within the business school that checks all of these things off my list and is something I am truly passionate about. 

I plan to take advantage of career and professional development opportunities throughout my college experience by joining academic clubs and being as involved as possible. I would also like to take advantage of the many programs offered here such as the plus 3 study abroad. Although I am sure it will be difficult to keep a mindset that is focused on the future in the midst of exams and assignments, I believe that participating in academic clubs and programs will help me remember that it is the professional development and intellectual growth that matter the most, and the grades come along with it.

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