Motivating Music

Typically, when I study, I enjoy listening to SZA’s discography or my oldies playlist. While these are vastly different genres, SZA’s relaxing melodies and calming voice acts as a stress reliever, and my oldies playlist will give me energy to complete the assignment at hand. In the future, I hope to draw some inspiration from these playlists when I am studying marketing and finance. I find it interesting to examine how 70’s and 80’s music was advertised, and how it compares to today’s artists. I intend to work with audio in tangent with a business background for my professional career, and listening to all genres of music or and audio is the foundation.

Although striving for perfect grades and an amazing job is a major motivator to do well in school, having authentic work or travel experiences are just as important. I am a firm believer that a person learns more through experiences, which is why I plan to continue traveling abroad at Pitt and continue work at my restaurant job throughout college. In addition to travel and working, I plan to join various student organizations to explore all my possible interests, whether they be academic, intellectual, or personal. 

The clubs, organizations, and jobs I partake in will continue to challenge me and I will learn more about myself through those experiences. Whether it be traveling abroad, playing a sport, or interning for the summer, I will face the challenges at hand and learn and grow, especially while listening to SZA and my oldies playlist. 

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