Blanket & Board

The point of Blanket & Board is convenience. The company will create an elaborate picnic for a client, and the only thing they have to do is pay. This opens many opportunities for Blanket & Board, as many different market segments rely on convenience. For example, Blanket & Board could expand into company events, which is a large market as few companies employ event planners. A challenge for Blanket & Board is expansion, as the picnics take extensive work to create and with a high volume of customers, several employees are needed. There are also possible issues arising from the supply chain, as high-volume events often require goods to be bought in bulk.  

ShareClub is a somewhat similar company, as it also has a large market in events. The ShareClub business model still relies on physical labor, as the employees have to transport the cups, keep track of the product, and wash them. ShareClub could also deal with supply chain issues. However, the sustainability market is lucrative and growing quickly.  

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